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Pat Coakley-From School Psychologist to Writer|Photographer in just 72 short years. Creativity is the thread that binds all the years together.

Feb 06

Custom Gifts of Memory

By Pat Coakley | memory

I love to create gifts that keep on giving. In the past year, I created a set of coasters with the favorite song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” for someone’s Xmas gift, a favorite pet for the owner’s birthday, sets of coasters for favorite places, moments in a child’s life.  I’ve put together […]

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Feb 06

The Art of the Industrial Park

By Pat Coakley | Abstract Art

Industrial Parks have been a constant object of my photography for over 20+ years. I have walked through them at all times of the day from early summer mornings to late fall afternoons. Usually, by late November the winds and the cold temperatures force me to the inside track of the YMCA. The collages I […]

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Mar 15

Bi Partisan Ambitious Old Woman.

By Pat Coakley | Creativity

  Jung the Swiss Psychoanalyst famously said that man must have meaning in their life to give it purpose. Mine? Almost childlike in its simplicity: To be useful to those I love, family and friends, and beyond them to share some of the creativity and hope I find in photographing flowers, fruits and vegetables and […]

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Nov 07

Post Election Antidote: Creativity

By Pat Coakley | Creativity

I am spending election eve being creative with my pink pumpkin from last week’s farmer’s market and Japanese lanterns from Whole Foods. The only comforting thought I have is that no matter the headline on Wednesday, my creativity doesn’t need 270 electoral votes. Creativity makes my life more bearable (and Kurt Vonnegut’s, too, as it is his […]

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