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I used to travel beyond walks in my condo complex! Two years ago, I created a design from my old passport stamps dating back to 1956 when I was 11 years old.

The reality is that my world was narrowing due to age before COVID 2020 hit but it requires a magnifying glass now to detect motion.  You may know some folks like this, also!

But, thank god for creativity which does not have physical boundaries!  Since the inability to travel has hit all ages during this pandemic, I made a throw blanket with my passport stamps to my 50+-year-old niece, who traveled with me to Europe in 1981 and that stamp is in the design!  I’ve made a high school graduation gift of this same throw blanket for my grand niece who has applied to colleges in the US as well as Europe.  The hope of travel has become embedded in this gift.

I made my passport stamps into fabric and then sewed several practical reminders of a life I remember fondly, in addition to the throw blanket, that I may offer for sale later on. But, for now, the throw blanket from your own passport stamps is the gift choice included in this listing.

If you have a passport or one from someone you would like to celebrate with a custom throw blanket, it takes about a month to complete this gift.   So, if it is for a special occasion, like a birthday or a graduation, please order with sufficient time.

If you are local to me ( Franklin, Mass) and want to bring your passports to the house in an envelope, you can do that and while you wait outside in your car, I’ll scan them into high-resolution files and return them to you immediately and off you’ll go.  Obviously, I am a solo entrepreneur and my sewing and digital photography sweatshop has an employee of one.

If you are out of state,  or prefer,  you can have color copies of your passport stamps made at Staples or wherever you have your copy work done.  Or, if you are feeling adventurous, you can try taking photos yourself with your IPHONE or DSLR (with good lighting) and send them to me as jpegs.  I’ll let you know right away if the quality is good enough for me to design your stamps into a fabric file. I have a list of photo suggestions that I’ll send to you after purchase.

This is a gift that takes some time on your end to organize and get to me and then time for me to create the fabric file, order the fabric, and sew your throw blanket with an optional embroidered message.  I sew each blanket myself so depending on the orders, the time frame may need to expand.  At the time of payment and receipt of your passport stamps, your project goes immediately on the month time frame unless I contact you with a revised schedule.

We’ll have a few email or phone conversations along the way as it is not an ordinary gift but it is one that shall keep giving to the recipient long after the particular event is over. I’ll send you a draft of the design for your approval before I order the fabric.

I charge a flat design fee of $75 to create the fabric from your passport stamps.  The price of the hand-sewn throw blanket (54 x 36 in ) with a custom embroidered signature, (if desired), is $100.

If you would like to contact me at to discuss your needs before you purchase, I’d be happy to discuss them with you.

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