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Traveling just became fun (and safe) again! A custom designed gift is an investment of love and time. Not only is it guaranteed not to be regifted, it becomes an heirloom passed on throughout the years.

This gift takes some of your time to initially photograph your passport stamps or the passport stamps of the person you wish to celebrate.  If you live local to me near Franklin, Mass,  you could bring the passport (s) to me and while you wait in the driveway, I’ll scan them into the computer!  But, I’ll send you a follow-up email with some photo tips and you can even use your camera phone with good lighting to photograph the stamps OR you could have color copies of the passport stamps made and then send to me by Pony Express aka USPS.

From there, I design your stamps into a collage and prepare a digital file to be made into fabric. I order a sample to make sure the colors are true to the design and only then do I authorize the fabric to be made and sewn to the size you have chosen and shipped to the address you choose.

Because this is a gift of love and time, we’ll have some email and/or phone conversations to ensure that my design features the stamps you are particularly fond of and want to stand out in the design. My design fee of $75.00 is built into the price of each variation of the tablecloth.

The one important feature to remember is that this whole process takes about a month from the receipt of your passport stamps to the delivery of your tablecloth.  So, if this is a gift for a special event or celebration, keep that in mind.  Upon payment, your project goes immediately on my one-month work schedule unless I communicate directly to you of a backlog.

If you would like to discuss your project with me, please feel free to email me at

This is a labor of love for me as well and it gives me immense pleasure to give you a creative gift you’ll enjoy giving or using in your own home!  I have a related product, A Passport Stamp Throw Blanket made from my own travels between 1956-2000 and that I have gifted to two family members, one for a birthday and another for high school graduation.  It pleases me no end that my travels shall keep them warm and cozy in the coming years and maybe even inspire some travels of their own in the future when our world is returned to us and new passport stamps can be inked into them without fear.  You can see that product here.

The dimensions of the tablecloths available are:

Small 70″ Round Tablecloth

Large 90″ Round Tablecloth

Rectangular 70′ x 90″ Tablecloth

Rectangular 70″ x 108″ Tablecloth

Rectangular 70″ x 120″ Tablecloth

Rectangular 70″ x 144″

Square 70″ Tablecloth

Square 90″ Tablecloth

Each table cloth is made from a durable Longleaf Sateen 100% cotton fabric that is washable and wrinkle-resistant. Folded 1/2 inch hem with a topstitching thread chosen from a limited color set to best match the design.

This is a poignant gift yet also great fun! An unusual combination for Home Decor, I admit.   It celebrates a lifetime of memories and travel and it comes at a time in our lives when some of us feel we’ll never travel again so I also consider this gift carries a bit of hope with it as well.  I hope you’ll agree.

Hope is a precious custom gift these days, don’t you think?

Domestic shipping is Priority USPS with tracking.





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R0-70", RO-90", SQ-70", SQ-90", RE-70-90", RE-70-108", RE-70-120", RE-70-144"