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January Freeze on Beaver Pond, Franklin, Mass.


Winter landscape photography in January is limited for me despite numerous layers of clothing, I still have to take my gloves off to use the camera.  Immediately, they begin to stiffen and in only seconds seem to numb. The math is this: 10 minutes to thaw out for five minutes of exposure.  Some folks had been on the ice all afternoon after building fires.  Fisherman dropped their lines through a hole they had axed in the ice and hunched over waiting for their line to tense.

God bless them.  It was 5º and a northwest wind.

Back home now and enjoying working on the photographs with the sound of the furnace clicking on.skaterr-lateafternoon-coakley


Bears Eat Beets

bears-eat-beets-coakleyIn the TV series, “The Office”, one of the characters says “Bears Eat Beets”.  I laughed out loud. Making beets funny takes talent.  Just sayin’.

Approaching a 70th Birthday, I notice things.


My 70th birthday is approaching.  I went to revisit the site where I photographed these Queen Anne’s Lace, Beaver Pond in Franklin, Ma, early one morning eight or nine years ago.

The thicket is no longer there.   I looked at the spot in disbelief as I would a section of a mall parking lot where I KNOW I parked my car but it was no longer there.

Why it disappeared I don’t know.  Maybe they are programmed for a certain blooming life and then pick up and go somewhere else. Or, just collapse into the ground stems up.

These are my 70th birthday thoughts exactly.


Alone, In the dark.


The drive home at twilight in January.   Put the radio on.  Whistle, even though I can’t whistle.  Sing, no..don’t do that.  That is dangerous.  Wolves love that sound.   I know. Take a photograph. No sound.  I had put it on silent shutter.  Sigh.

Sante Fe Train Yard 2002-2015


A photo of an abandoned railroad yard in Santa Fe, New Mexico taken in 2002 is my focus this morning. I was inspired to take another look at the original after seeing a Facebook post from an artist in California, William Wray, who shares his own art as well as many other artists.  He posted one of his train paintings which is a subject he paints with rich, dense, and dark moods. So, I thought immediately of my Santa Fe railroad yard.  Here’s a short video.

Boston in December




Entrance to Boston Public Garden Arlington Street

Entrance to Boston Public Garden Arlington Street

December 27th in Boston. Temperatures were mild enough so I could walk from one end of the city to the other. It is a great city to photograph but I need to remember to bring more batteries as I finished the day with my IPHONE camera in Back Bay Train station.





Pink Ladies Walking


For some inexplicable reason I listened to numerous Oscar speeches on YOUTUBE the other night.

I don’t particularly care for Reese Witherspoon but ended my marathon with her acceptance speech for her performance in “Walk the Line” portraying June Carter.

She ended her breathless, high pitched remarks with a quote from June Carter that was more memorable than all the actresses’ responses of the past twenty years.  She quoted June as responding to someone’s query as to how she was doing by saying, “O, you know, just tryin’ to matter.”

Seriously, that statement and sentiment nearly knocked me out.

Give that golden boy to June.  On my best day that’s all I’m trying to do, too.



Brooklyn Bridge August 2001


I was on a sunset tour boat in early August 2001.  The moon was rising near the Brooklyn Bridge and the Twin Towers were still standing as we rounded the tip of Manhattan.  They had about a month more to anchor the downtown.  If ever a photo seemed a natural for the nostalgia treatment, this is it.

Trucks to Remember



Pat Coakley