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About Pat

I have been evolving from a psychologist to a writer, photographer and mixed media artist in fits and starts for many years. This blog has an archive beginning in 2008 and won a writing award in 2009 and then after changing its name and focus to creativity and not commentary, I arrived here to its current state of blend: creativity & commentary.  Brilliant. Took me five years to figure this out. Oh, and PS.  I also host a weekly podcast at another venture Art of the Diet which began in 2015.

The Photo Gardener is my portfolio of garden photography and gifts from farm to table.

I have been a photographer for most of my life but a creativity daily habit became my secret health plan about 10 years ago: if I photographed fruits and vegetables, I ate them.  Best diet plan, ever.

Here, at this site, my personal editorial and fine art photography come directly from the headlines that I can can’t avoid although God knows I’m trying and inspiration from walking and driving country roads.


I can be contacted here for individual photo projects and gifts: pbc@patcoakley.com