My Story Bag: A bag that carries everything even the future.

In my family album, I found the 1930s photograph of my parents before they were married having one heck of a good time in a bar in Havana Cuba. It was a famous bar so photos were probably taken and sold to the customers before they left. My mother is on the far left and my father is sitting on the far right. She is sitting in another man’s lap, I’ll just simply point that out and move on. I just smile looking at it. The style of them all! The fun they seemed to be having.

So, in 2020, when style, fun, and travel to anywhere was impossible, I designed fabric from this photo and sewed it into a large tote bag that carries everything in a practical sense, (and I mean everything), but it also seems to carry a hope that the future days ahead might contain a bit of this 1930s travel, joy, and style. Whenever I go out with it, someone always stops me and wants to know where I bought it. So, I have learned that you don’t have to know “the story” of the bag to feel the hope embedded in this lovely cotton linen and that’s why I’ve decided to sell them. Below is a short slideshow of the bag from photo to shoulder.

Here are some of the details of this bag:

  • Approximately 26 in x 17 in in size.
  • Exterior fabric is cotton linen canvas.
  • Interior lining is 100% cotton as well as pocket lining.
  • Cotton pattern of interior and interior pocket may vary with each bag.
  • There are three interior slip pockets and one interior zippered pocket.
  • There is one recessed double slide zipper on outside of bag to ease access.
  • FREE Prioity USPS shipping for domestic US is included in the price of the bag.
  • I sew them after receiving an order and it takes me two weeks to complete and ship.
  • I’ll send you a tracking number, too.

Here is a short movie of the Story Bag:

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