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Nov 04

Leaf Peeping Artfully PART II

By Pat Coakley | Art

Leaf Peeping Artfully Part II! These two 4 in x 4in cradle boards below are drying as I take this photo.  Both of these leaves were in the top photo. It’s been about 16 hours since I applied the resin on to them so with only 8 hours to go to be fully cured and dry, […]

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Jul 25

O, Yoo-hoo!! Creative Souls, Listen & Watch this.

By Pat Coakley | Art

Oh, yoo-hoo!  Creative souls who read this blog, here are three things you might like, even need, to see and to hear. I am knee deep in wires and condensers and pop screens for microphones and hating the sound of my voice,  but I have run across three fabulous creativity pieces.  The first is a short video on […]

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Mar 07

Addicted to Art

By Pat Coakley | Addictions

Rarely, do my addictions make me laugh. But, this painting below by Philip Guston did just that. I’m not a smoker nor a painter but I do like my treat tray and making my own art and looking at others’ art all the live long day. Sometimes, it really does feel like I am strapped […]

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Jun 08

The Dark World of Flowers

By Pat Coakley | Art

A few months ago I tried to photograph flowers as Mondrian had painted flowers.  I did not consider for one second his politics, his personality, nor, in fact, anything personal about him as I based my tutorial on the images of his work that I could find online. Emil Nolde’s seascapes caught my eye in […]

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