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Apr 02

Queen Anne’s Lace

By Pat Coakley | Queen Anne's Lace

In 2008, I took a series of photographs of a wild, dense but fragile Queen Anne’s Lace by a local pond.  I photographed it at sunrise, sunset, for many months.  They did not survive the subsequent winters but my photographs have.  I always thought they needed a painter more than a photographer so in 2014, […]

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Apr 27

The Upside Down-UnTiring Potion #1

By Pat Coakley | Creativity

Remember Harry Callahan’s simple (O, yeah, simple–until you try to duplicate it) image that has been speaking to me for several weeks? Oh, admit it you’ve forgotten.  Here it is again.  CLICK! Well, it’s been speaking to me for weeks but it was only the other day when I listened.   I landed on a […]

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Dec 30

What I See When My Eyes Are Closed

By Pat Coakley | Aging

This is what I see when my eyes are open. Click here to see what I see when my eyes are closed. Same spot.  Same Queen Anne’s Lace. Just going through a little transition thingy. Just like me, come to think of it. I got my Medicare A and B card in the mail last […]

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