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Jun 01

A Different Brush

By Pat Coakley | Digital Painting

  Once I worked with the Topaz Impressions Plug In for a few months, I’ve noticed I’ve been experimenting with the different brushes within the menu of each painting style choice.  This is a feature where there is a default brush chosen for each style but you can change it if you want. They have […]

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Jun 19

Twilight Menace in the Garden

By Pat Coakley | Food Photography

Twilight is my preferred time to photograph my garden. It can make even fragile flowers, daintily colored, appear menacing. Had there been just the slightest breeze and therefore some slight motion in this photograph it would have been the perfect setting. Alas, no wind, no breeze.  Just a barking dog who lent nothing to the […]

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Jun 09

Bee’s Eye View: Blue Queen Salvia

By Pat Coakley | Back Problems

Flower photography requires a good back. Last year at this time I would have been unable to take this photo, actually two photos. Bending down with a 5 lb camera and lens to secure the bee’s eye perspective of this Blue Queen Salvia plant would have been out of the question. I am grateful to […]

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