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Aug 31

Labor Day Pepper Mania

By Pat Coakley | Food Art

A farmer’s market on Labor Day weekend is a garden photographer’s sweet spot providing baskets of cascading peppers of all hues and shapes. Edward Weston photographed green peppers over a long period of time before he settled on the images we now know as Pepper #30. To those who repeatedly found something sexual in his imagery, he […]

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Jun 19

Twilight Menace in the Garden

By Pat Coakley | Food Photography

Twilight is my preferred time to photograph my garden. It can make even fragile flowers, daintily colored, appear menacing. Had there been just the slightest breeze and therefore some slight motion in this photograph it would have been the perfect setting. Alas, no wind, no breeze.  Just a barking dog who lent nothing to the […]

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Jun 12

OCD, Neutrinos, My Cabbage Woes

By Pat Coakley | Food Photography

It’s not often I wish I had OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder, but, the world of scanning photography requires a level of post scan work that taps out my patience very quickly. Dust, scratches, dirt (when you scan vegetables that have come from the garden) and all manner of atomic particles that are not visible to […]

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