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May 05

“Rescue” Photography May Be My Niche

By Pat Coakley | Creativity

I decided to walk myself through the steps of making “Twilight” New York City and perhaps it’ll benefit anyone trying to walk their own creative path.  One pattern for me in trying to develop my own aesthetic (as well as skills) with this encaustic medium is clearly to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. […]

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Oct 08

Goodbye, Summer. Hello, Blogroll.

By Pat Coakley | 1

I finally and I mean FINALLY figured out how to add a blogroll to a photo blog template and one that allows me to post my  videos directly.  I plan to post more videos of collage making in the future if I can figure out a way of filming that doesn’t involve galactic swear words. […]

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Jun 11

Blogging from Bed

By Pat Coakley | Blogging from Bed

So, here is the link to this video. I truly am single for a reason.  Fear not loyal readers.  I’m not going to name a video blog (if I do one at all) “Blogging from Bed” but it did make me laugh out loud this morning when it occurred to me while LIVE on camera. […]

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