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Nov 07

Post Election Antidote: Creativity

By Pat Coakley | Creativity

I am spending election eve being creative with my pink pumpkin from last week’s farmer’s market and Japanese lanterns from Whole Foods. The only comforting thought I have is that no matter the headline on Wednesday, my creativity doesn’t need 270 electoral votes. Creativity makes my life more bearable (and Kurt Vonnegut’s, too, as it is his […]

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Apr 26

Went for the Flowers, Left with Time

By Pat Coakley | After the Museum

I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston yesterday to see the annual “Art in Bloom” exhibit.  I have learned to go early as many of the flower arrangements begin to droop by the second day.   I enjoyed the floral arrangements, particularly one in the Contemporary wing that was inspired by “Untitled” […]

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Feb 03

Train Accelerating

By Pat Coakley | TRAINS

I was photographing an Acela train approaching the Ruggles station and didn’t realize it was passing through the station at such a high speed.  It flattened me against the wall and shook the hand holding the camera.  Since I’d just seen an abstract art exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, I liked the result.

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Aug 19

Step One

By Pat Coakley | one step at a time sweet jesus

If a journey, a course, a distance and lifetime of a thousand or even a kabillion miles begins with one step, consider this step one. I’ve got to do something new. This– whatever it is– began with this photo taken while walking from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (and a wow experience with […]

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Jun 18

Biker Chic

By Pat Coakley | Art

Biker Chic. No, I mean it.  Not “chick” but “chic” as in style.  Red and white swirly flowers on a black background.  A biker’s dress, of course. And, she was waiting for a train. Yes, I could have taken this photo in focus but it would not have done justice to those swirly flowers. I […]

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Apr 15

A Harry Callahan Kinda Love

By Pat Coakley | Art

The divine Donald Diddams (I am working out his nickname- 3D, Triple D, Divine Double D but am verging on Victoria’s Secrets so have to decide on just one) raised an issue on his blog about the cross pollination of  influences we all have when making “aahrt” in this global, internet age.  We are a […]

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