The Art of the Industrial Park

Industrial Parks have been a constant object of my photography for over 20+ years. I have walked through them at all times of the day from early summer mornings to late fall afternoons. Usually, by late November the winds and the cold temperatures force me to the inside track of the YMCA.

The collages I have made of these images sometimes are made up of over 2000+ images repeated until I have a fondness for the pattern, colors, or mix of textures.  Sometimes, they are made up of shards of manhole covers, loading dock padding, rusted utility covers, as well as your everyday grate, often truck grills or rusted snow plow blades, all of which are entirely overlooked as sources of artistic inspiration to anyone but me.  This, I know.

But, I love abstract art that I see in museums and this is my contribution to that world.

Maybe there’s an art loving industrial park owner who would like to be my patron? I’m about to be 73 so time’s-a-wastin’.


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