Bi Partisan Ambitious Old Woman. – Pat Coakley

Bi Partisan Ambitious Old Woman.

By Pat Coakley | Creativity

Mar 15


Jung the Swiss Psychoanalyst famously said that man must have meaning in their life to give it purpose. Mine? Almost childlike in its simplicity: To be useful to those I love, family and friends, and beyond them to share some of the creativity and hope I find in photographing flowers, fruits and vegetables and all things from the garden.

I’ve run out of wall space to hang large photographs or paintings so I decided, at first, to think small. Small, beautiful, portable art that is useful. Ta-dah! Coasters.

We all have to drink every day, be it tea, coffee, wine, cocktails. They naturally come to mind for a hostess gift or housewarming gift but on some days we just need to give small gifts to folks that keep on giving after the ribbon has been thrown away.

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To be creative and becoming a more #ambitiouswoman are my goals since 11/9/16 the last time I posted. If not now, when? I’m 72. And, by the looks of it, a non-partisan (I had forgotten there was such a thing) evaluation of the proposed Republican Health Care bill just singled out my age group as the focus of health insurance premiums going up by nearly 300 percent. Jesus, lord. And, this evaluating group were the non-partisan ones.

Gotta get crackin’.

My Etsy shop for garden gifts is here. 

I will be adding to the collections in the weeks ahead from my garden portfolio which can be viewed here.

You can also email me here if you have any questions about individual prints.


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Pat Coakley-From School Psychologist to Writer|Photographer in just 72 short years. Creativity is the thread that binds all the years together.