Hats n’ Bags and Old Friends. And, one madman.

Oh, I love hats. Always have. Today, I received two. One is from an old friend, a friendship that began when I was 23 and new to San Francisco. I used to wear hats in those days and although he has not seen me in years, he sent me a couple of hats he thought would look good on me!

The second hat is the first “750” hat from the printer. It has four colors and this was the black one!

Also, my cosmetic bag arrived from a fabric design I made of November 2020 and in particular November 3, 2020. It is a reminder to register to vote. To vote. And, if you are voting for “the madman”, a description from David Gergen, White House Advisor to multiple presidents of both parties after learning he had left Walter Reed Medical Facility to go back to the White House to infect the remaining folks who haven’t already been infected, you have problems my accessories can’t help you solve or celebrate.

You decide. I think it’s pretty cute for an ol’girl!