January 2022 Journal of Bad Attitudes.

These are the highlights of my daily graphic “Journal of Bad Attitudes” that I started to post on Instagram. I call them ” highlights” but we all know the better term is “lowlights” but it is the best I can do to upgrade my negativity into a consumable that requires no packaging that might endanger dolphins and whales. You can view it full screen by clicking on the brackets icon in the lower far right corner in the window below, which indicates “go to full screen”. Bells & Whistles of bad attitudes? I’ve got ’em.

Here’s a direct link you can click on for a full-screen option or pass on to anyone whose negativity is running low and needs to fill their tank. January was a month to test if I could do it daily. I did.


Or, You can follow my daily postings here.

I’ve made greeting cards from some of my favorites.

My New Year’s Card. It is about as optimistic I get.

This was my New Year’s Card

I’ve been trying to design new wallpaper and fabric designs through learning Adobe Illustrator. If I master it at all, and that is by no means a certainty, please tell Pope Francis that it is at least one of the three miracles needed to make me a saint.