“I don’t think I was dealing with the top brass.”

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Seeing the Top Brass Legal Defenders of the President

Top Brass. “I don’t think I was dealing with the top brass” was Kate McKinnon’s line in an SNL skit called “Close Encounters”.

I listened to 10 minutes of the White House lawyer defending the President in the impeachment trial basically saying “Now, c’mon, doesn’t this whole impeachment kerfuffle come down to “policy differences.”

“Whaaat? Wow. What floor were you guys on?

Kate upon hearing Ryan Gosling’s version of this heavenly, positive alien abduction.

Alan Dershowitz. Kenneth Starr. Wowzer. Did they both arrive in a van from the Memory unit?

I don’t think I was dealing with the top brass.

Kate thinking her abductors were bottom of the chain of command of alien abductors

In the end, all defenders seemed to be saying, “Even if the President did what he is accused of doing, even if he did, he did nothing wrong.”

Did I hear this right? If so, I’d like to report an alien abduction posing as an impeachment trial on C-Span and that is my most generous and kind interpretation.

“I had the same shirt on that I came in with but my pants were gone.

Kate’s summary of aftermath of her very graphic alien molestation.

What am I afraid of as of 01/29/20?

It wasn’t my worse Wednesday night.

After Kate’s character considers her alien abduction and molestation.

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